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Clayton’s on another adventure! Clayton and the lovable, comical characters of Grampy, Mom, Austin, Sydney, and Camryn, along with the smartest dog ever, Daisy, are another adventure aboard the houseboat, the Granny Rose. This time the crew is traveling from Mobile, Alabama to Destin, Florida, on the Intracoastal Way with numerous stops in between such as Dauphin Island, Pensacola, Perdido Key, and Gulf Shores. Come along for the fun and find out what real “treasure” is.

NOBODY TOLD ME! 30 Days of Humor for Baby Boomers

by Linda M. Penn and Sara Morgan Lose, Illustrated by Melissa Quinio

A light-hearted look at the things, good and no-so-good, that happen to us as we age. Are we Seniors? (well, we’re not in high school) or Baby Boomers? How do we cut our toenails if we can’t reach them? What do we do about our gray hair and those wrinkles? Nobody told us or maybe we just didn’t listen because we never thought it would happen to us!

In NOBODY TOLD ME! find 30 days’ worth of humorous and constructive information about aging. And, maybe a smile or two!

“CLAYTON’S RIVER ADVENTURE LOUISVILLE TO PADUCAH” is the fourth in the series written by Frank J. Feger and myself. Our new book has the same lovable characters of Clayton, Grampy, Mom, friend Austin, and that special dog, Daisy. Newcomer, Sydney, joins them on this adventure that takes them from Louisville westward on the Ohio River all the way to Paducah.

The group takes in sights in Louisville, Southern Indiana, the Falls of the Ohio Park, the Farnsley-Moreman House, Buttermilk Falls in Brandenburg, KY, Ft. Knox and the Patton Museum. They learn about the history of Bluegrass music and Bill Monroe in Owensboro, KY and even get to be on stage at a pickin’ and grinnin’ event at the Bluegrass Music History Center. Then, it is down the Ohio to Paducah, KY and Metropolis, IL where they have to say a good-bye to the Granny Rose - at least for while!

Clayton's River Adventure

Frankfort to Boonesborough

# 3

Come along with Clayton, his friend, Austin, Grampy and Mom on another fun and exciting river adventure - this time on the Kentucky River from Frankfort to Boonesborough. In this adventure, Clayton is also joined by his new friend - a lovable, smart beagle hound named Daisy. Also new to the Clayton series is a young lady named Camryn, her poodle dog named Rocco, and Camryn’s grandparents.

After Clayton and Austin are given a dream-catcher by a local resident at Chapman’s Bend, Clayton has an intriguing dream that night about a Native American tribe searching for a new home along the Kentucky River Palisades. The next day, some strange and fascinating events begin to unfold for Clayton’s group. During an exploration into a cave at Shawnee Run, Clayton finds a bear tooth and arrowhead necklace - just like the one he saw in his dream! Does the necklace have special vibes?

This book is targeted for grades 3-6, contains facts about the Kentucky River, dream-catchers, Daniel Boone and Capt. James Harrod and the westward expansion of this country in the 1700’s, as well as the history of the Shaker community.


Hunter loves playing football for the Little Giants Team and he has visions of himself on a huge poster, “Best Wide Receiver Ever.” He faces his problem, realizing he failed the school eye test. What if his mom and dad tell him he has to quit playing football because of wearing glasses? After all, that is just what happened to his friend! Will Hunter allow his parents to read the school letter about his eye test, even if it means no more football? Meanwhile, Hunter’s sister begs their parents for pink glasses! What? Pink glasses?

Join Hunter as he prays and makes his decision in this family-oriented, humorous story, targeted for ages 3-7.

Clayton's River Adventure Continues:

Cincinnati to FRANKFORT

Join Clayton and his friend, Austin, Grampy and Mom on a fun, intriguing and informative adventure onboard the Granny Rose. We left these lovable and comical characters in Cincinnati at the conclusion of their last adventure as they celebrated Clayton’s birthday. Now, picking up the story there, they take in the sights of Cincinnati before heading downstream on the Granny Rose. They think this will be another typical day of cruising on the Ohio River back to their homes in Louisville. But will it?


Clayton's River Adventure Continues:

Cincinnati to FRANKFORT

A little farm girl wakes up to a beautiful morning, grabs her favorite doll, and together they walk down The Avenue to the big house where the farm owners live. Her mother has warned her never to go close up to the big house because her dad is just one of their workers. The little girl sees visions of Jesus on her walk as she struggles to understand why the big house is off limits to her.

NO More French Fries in the Bed

Girls learn a valuable lesson about respecting other people's property and forgiveness

Older sister, Samantha, is away at camp an younger sister, Allyson, and her friends trash the bedroom that Allyson and Samantha share. Upon her return, Samantha becomes angry and lashes out at Allyson. Both girls learn a valuable lesson about respecting others people's property and forgiveness.


Join Clayton and his friend, Austin, on a fun and exciting Ohio River adventure aboard the Granny Rose, Grampy's new houseboat. Along the journey from Louisville to Cincinnati, the boys encounter river wildlife and habitats. Upon seeing the trash floating down the Ohio and along the riverbanks, they enlist the help of their family and Science teacher to write letters to the Mayor about cleaning up the trash. The boys confront their fears as they spend their first night onboard the "mansion on water," creepy sounds and all. Fears also abound as they prepare to go into the "concrete box," the Markland Locks. Clayton and Austin are joined on this adventure by Clayton's Mom and Grampy, who help the boys become more aware of the history of the City of Louisville and the Ohio River, as well as the workings of a houseboat.

Clayton's Birding Adventure

“I wish there were books like this when I was little.”

―Timothy J. O’Connell, Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University

This is the story of Clayton, a boy who moves to a new neighborhood and a new school. He soon makes friends in the most unexpected way and learns that observing nature and being open to learning helps him to feel at home in a brand new school and neighborhood.

This is for early readers, ages 7 to 10. It comes with an activity and discussion page. More free resources are available at the website's Resources for Learning section. 

 Hunter and the Fast Car Trophy Race

Will Grandma want to watch it?

This is the story of Hunter, a young boy who loves to watch stock car races. His grandmother comes to babysit during the big stock car race and Hunter is upset because he is afraid Grandma won’t watch the race, but instead will do “grandma” things. Find out how Hunter learns a lesson about stereotypes, and making assumptions about his grandmother.

This is for early readers. All of Penn’s books come complete with discussion questions in the appendix to help parents guide their children in getting the most from each book before, during, and after reading.

Is Kentucky in the Sky?

Grandpa's Trip to Oklahoma Puzzles a Young Child

Silver Award Winner

A young girl learns about distance and traveling when her Grandpa flies in an airplane from Kentucky to Oklahoma. In this book Allyson learns about airplanes, and abstract ideas like time and distance in a fun and entertaining way.

This is a concept book for early readers. All of Penn’s books come complete with discussion questions in the Appendix to help parents guide their children in getting the most from each book before, during, and after reading.