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Posted on December 26, 2016 at 3:03 PM
January 1, 2017


Linda M. Penn

    “Nothing,” might be the answer from your kids to your question above.  “Okay,” might be the answer to your question of “How was school today?”  So…how do we move beyond these one-word answers into a conversation that reveals what they REALLY thought about their day?  ASK GOOD QUESTIONS!

Avoid questions that can be answered with “yes,” “no,” “nothing,” “okay,” and other similar one-word answers.
Ask lead-in questions that might lead your kids and you into a more in-depth conversation.  Examples:
What book or books did you read today?  What was the book about?  Did the characters remind you of anyone you know?  What advice would you give classmates about reading this book?
What did you learn in Science class today?  Social Studies?  Music?  Any other special class?
What was your favorite part of the day?  (Besides lunch and playtime!)  Why did you like that?
How did you help someone today?  How did someone help you?
Avoid the “20 Questions” everyday but do ask your children about something.  Then, they will be in the habit of expecting to talk about their day.  And guess what?  They might even start to ask you questions about your day! 

Imagine how special I felt when granddaughter, Samantha, asked me how my day was when I picked her up at school?
Depending on the maturity of your children, avoid being too nosey or critical
if they do open up to you.  Just let them be aware of your interest in their friends, activities, classes, etc.  Examples:
What makes you think that?
Why do you say that?
Ask questions in the car on the way to soccer practice or dance class if you
rush from one place to another after school.  Questions are good anytime, anywhere, especially at the dinner table.
Avoid interrupting if the child “gets on a roll” with conversation.
Avoid using your cell phone when your child is actually talking to you.  Make eye contact (unless you are driving, of course!).  PLEASE DON’T PRETEND TO BE LISTENING TO THE KIDDOS WHEN YOU ARE TEXTING!
If you become aware of a problem for your children that appears to need your help, avoid demeaning comments about others.  You can always tell them you will check into the issue and get back with them.  If the problem appears to be resolvable by your child alone, give them your guidance, but don’t make unusual demands on them.


 HAVE A GREAT 2017! 

Check back the first week of February for blog titled:  GESTURES OF KINDNESS


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9:58 AM on January 26, 2017 
very useful post
10:44 AM on March 9, 2017 
LINDA, the question is quite interesting! Most of the students' answer will be Nothing but some creative answer something else with a huge description. It depends on them that how much they want to describe anything. Thank you anyway!
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10:00 AM on April 27, 2017 
Thanks for the post.
Reply resume writer
3:13 PM on May 19, 2017 
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10:59 AM on July 14, 2017 
Great post on school life for students. These are all great points to follow and must be implemented as well.
Reply Brinda Jack
6:32 AM on October 7, 2017 
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